Who we are

Our history

In January 1995, a group of five professionals, who had already been working for many years in the sector of anti-fire risks and development of electrical and thermohydraulics systems for different uses such as civil, tertiary, industrial and process ones, came together to form an association and set up OMEGA STUDIO ASSOCIATO with its seat in Castenaso (Bologna).

In June 1999, OMEGA STUDIO ASSOCIATO moved to its present head-quarters in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) to set up, together with other engineering associations, a group of more than 45 professionals and collaborators, who are able to offer a service of engineering global integrated project development in the fields of architecture, civil and industrial building, ecological infrastructures and installations of every kind.

In October 1999, in order to meet the demands of the newly formed group, a cooperative society OMEGA ASSOCIATI was set up, with the same professionals who were members of OMEGA STUDIO ASSOCIATO, and this new association took over OMEGA STUDIO ASSOCIATO, that stopped its activity and transferred its structure, instrumental goods and collaborators to the new company, in the year 2000.

In January 2006, in order to subdivide and improve the engineering services in all of the sectors of the technological systems and in the specialised activities connected to some members of OMEGA ASSOCIATI the cooperative society then set up OMEGA Srl.

In 2009, the readjustment of the company and organisation of the Omega Society Srl and Omega Associati Società Cooperative resulted in the creation of OMEGA PROGETTI TECNOLOGICI (TECHNOLOGICAL PROJECTS) and OMEGA ENERGIA AMBIENTE (ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY) with specific and complementary activity fields.