Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR: 2013
  • CLIENT: Green Power
    Executive Project tennis courts Lighting and Electrical Installations at the new thermal power plant service
  • BUDGET: € 24,000


The operation at the country club Circolo Tennis Neptune Street Fancelli, 5 in Bologna provided for the adaptation of existing tennis courts, with additional provision for two to five soccer fields, a soccer field seven three tennis courts . As part of the intervention in question, they have been carried out the design and construction management related to the lighting of the fields and the electrical systems lighting service and the new pellet heating plant for the changing rooms.
field lighting. The project included the adaptation of plants to the standards of the UNI-EN 12193: 2008 “of sports lighting installations” and to CONI regulations for sports facilities – Resolution of the National Council of CONI n.1379 / 2008 for golf tennis intended for non-competitive activities (level 1). Also, to allow flexible use of the playing field, the lighting project was carried out while meeting the standards for soccer fields. In order to ensure the players high visual performance, with an optimum amount of light and without discomfort or disorders related to a non-uniform distribution of light on the field, the average illumination levels were provided in excess of 200 lx required and a high uniformity.
security lighting. As part intervention was designed and even built a plant safety lighting in the building and changing rooms, with supply of new lamps in the main rooms (changing rooms, dressing room, technical room, etc ..).