Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR : 2015
  • CLIENT: UnipolSai
    Streamlining design Electrician
  • BUDGET: € 43,000
  • TOTAL SURFACE : ca. 7,000 sq.m.


The project is related to the energy upgrading of car parks in the Unipol 1-2-3 complex site service in Via Stalingrado 45 through the replacement of the ordinary lighting and type safety S.A. (Always on) and S.E. (Emergency only). ordinary lighting. The system is dimensioned according to the UNI EN 12464-1: 2011, considering the limit values set for the traffic lanes (5.34.3) and for parking areas (5.34.3) internal public car parks. The progress made in lighting, realized with lampde fluorescent ceiling lights, appeared to be slightly abundant on the car park (approx 111 average lx) and the center of driveways (about 113 lx average) considering all the lights burning. The lighting calculations have shown that the minimum illumination required by the legislation is not guaranteed by choking the lighting in two starts: the values obtained during the simulation were in fact equal to about average 18lx in parking areas and 22lx average in the traffic lanes. Therefore the design, which was requested not to not change the main distribution and to minimize the changes of the terminal distribution, has led to adopt the following solution. The fluorescent fixtures have been replaced with as many LED and in addition, to achieve a further energy saving, it has been reduced the lumens of the devices package. The lighting calculations for the project with the new lighting fixtures are set to get an average of 89lx lighting in parking areas and 92lx in driveways in compliance with the above UNI-EN. security lighting. The progress made, the plant, built with inverter groups on some devices for ordinary lighting, did not ensure the average level of 5lx on escape routes required by the DM 01/02/1986 fire prevention. Pure replacing existing fluorescent fixtures used in emergency with other LED in the same position did not allow to respect the aforementioned law, and would have resulted in the need to integrate additional devices with inverter, with problems of cost and maintenance. Therefore it was decided to provide new equipment to dedicated LED lighting along the escape routes with luminous flux not less than 586lm. Finally, the intervention has previsyo the replacement of existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with pictogram SA type with equivalent LED.