Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR: 2011
    Executive Design Electrical and Mechanical
    Works Management Electrical and Mechanical
    BUDGET: € 98,745

Street Callipoli , 45 – Giarre ( CT )

The operation relates to the refurbishing and plant of a housing unit on the ground floor of a building in the historic center of Giarre (CT) in front of the Duomo, to be allocated to the bank branch of the Unipol Group. Given the value of the premises who had vaulted ceilings and frescoes, it has sought to enhance the colors and existing drawings. As for the lighting, the intended use has played a key role in the respect of the values required by current regulations. Respecting the architectural spaces, you have chosen to use the wall projectors they left open the vaults and to recover the existing suspension of artistic value. For jobs and crates, where it is required a higher illumination value, it was expected to stand lighting or a complete emergency lighting wall fixtures. For the heating and the air conditioning it has been realized a direct expansion system in a heat pump, operating with R410A ecological gas.

Internal drives are installed in the floor led to the wall again with the aim of leaving Ibere existing times. Each indoor unit is equipped with a room thermostat and remote control on the machine for the adjustment of all the parameters. The outdoor air conditioning unit was installed in the courtyard used as a utility room. The system design was made for the simultaneous use of all indoor units is during the winter season and during the summer. To ensure good comfort temperature and humidity and good air quality was provided a heat recovery air to air flow, positioned inside the dell’antibagno ceiling and clamped ceiling. The parts outside air was ensured as per UNI 10339. The air, after passing through a circular section channels in galvanized steel, is supplied in the room through special wall vents; the airtight ductwork is guaranteed by introducing appropriate sealants. The air intake has been realized through ceiling-mounted loudspeakers. It was provided for two single air forced extractions, one for the toilet and one for the technical area, both carried out by means of soundproofed air extractors bins with ejection directly outside the branch. The distribution of water in the toilet was realized through pipes properly insulated polypropylene, flatware subfloor or concealed in the walls.