Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR: 2012-2013
  • CLIENT: Royal College Of Spain
    Preliminary Design Mechanical Systems
    Executive Design Mechanical Systems
    Works Management Mechanical Plants
  • BUDGET: € 100,000
  • TOTAL SURFACE: 750 m2

The Spanish College was built between 1365 and 1367 at the behest of the Spanish Cardinal Albornoz, who entrusted the design architect Matteo Giovannello Gattaponi (Gubbio c.a. 1300-1383). In 1530 it hosted Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor for four months, on the occasion of his coronation as emperor, which took place in the Basilica of San Petronio (memorial plaque, see photo 23). Today is a university college for Spanish students at the University of Bologna, and instructed the Spanish, who kindly accompanied us inside, structure supports that in that context is the oldest university classroom of the whole ‘ Bologna University. The college is structured on two floors with a central colonnaded courtyard around which are distributed to local and leading to the Gothic church of San Clemente. The student rooms look out on the outside, with a walled property with battlements; The façade was later remodeled in the Renaissance style.


The existing heating system is constituted by a thermal power station, located in a basement room within the volume of the building, and by the heat radiator dispensing terminals. Inside the thermal power plant, in addition to the thrust groups and to the boiler for the production of sanitary hot water, it was present in a traditional stand boiler with natural gas devoid of the necessary approvals and certifications of fire.
The church and the music room on the first floor instead were deprived of a heating system, causing great inconvenience in winter. The project involved the replacement of the old boiler and moving outside of the thermal plant to avoid issues related to fire prevention. The existing boiler has been replaced with a new high-efficiency boiler, condensing, suitable for outdoor installation, also functioning with methane gas, placed in the immediate vicinity of the existing meter; Also it was built a new thermal substation in the basement, by recovering both the existing regulation, both the pumping units that fed the heating circuit and the boiler for the production of domestic hot water.
The exhaust system of the combustion products of the generator consists of a smoke channel and from an external chimney copper which, with rectilinear and vertical trends, flows over the roof of the building without altering the aesthetics of the facade. The main pipeline system, running on sight in the walls and in the ceiling of the basement, have been moved to the tunnel floor, so as to make the premises clean and mackerel.