Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR : 2013-2014
  • YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2014-2105
  • CLIENT: UnipolSai
    Executive Planning Electrical Installations
    Upgrading energy project Electrician
  • BUDGET: € 180,000
  • TOTAL SURFACE : ca. 6.000 m2


The historical site of Unipol Assicurazioni in via Stalingrado 45 in Bologna two interventions related to lighting of the outside were made. Early Intervention. Dating back to 2013 and built together with the building renovation of the arcades with replacement of ceilings, has planned the dismantling of all existing electrical systems and the construction of a new lighting system of porticos. To maximize energy savings they have been installed in the Emotion lighting management system, sensors and presence detectors. The Emotion system, with touch-screen panel within the guardianeria, is connected to the equipment via a pass DALI and manages the devices and / or areas by creating various pre-programmed settings. This system allows you to set default times. The program was set to keep always on equipment during working hours. Outside of these hours, presence detectors are inhibited for lighting values higher than 400-500 lx; under the lx 400-500, the passage of a person, the detectors allow the system to turn on the specific area to 100% and back to 10% (minimum value) after a few seconds and up to the passage of the next person. Early Intervention. In 2014 it was realized the lighting energy renovation of the facades and green areas. The existing luminaires comprising of uncontrolled flow projectors, with peaks of almost 100lx on the facades lit all night, did not meet the parameters indicated by the DGR n.1688 of 18 November 2013. Therefore, these devices have been replaced with others the latest generation of lEDs, with the top screen for the addressing of the flow and equipped with bi-power programmable power supply. In front, this solution has: containing the lighting within the 45lx, to direct the luminous flux on the facade to avoid diffused lighting and oversized and finally to reduce the flow to 50% within 22 hours (23 hours hours legal) with power off at 23 o’clock (24 hours daylight saving time). For the lighting of the parking cycles and green areas, they were placed the fixtures pointing from top to bottom, which can be switched on all night with command from Twilight and reduced to 50% flow in the six hours of riding ” virtual “midnight.