Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR: 2015
  • YEAR OF PRODUCTION: in progress
  • CLIENT: EuroMilano S.p.A.
    Preliminary Project Electrical and Mechanical
    Definitive design Electrical and Mechanical
  • BUDGET: € 4,266,298
  • TOTAL SURFACE: 13,853 m2

The new school complex Cascina Merlata can be associated with the idea of ancient architecture in a new city. This implies the ability to stand out historic architecture in the urban context thanks to the relations established with the public space, to the wealth of possibilities for transition between inside and outside and the physical presence of the building itself. The new building establishes a relationship with the settlement principles of the new city in terms antithetical: the compact volume contrasts with the opening of the linear buildings of the blocks, and through this basic difference expresses its public character. Unlike the canonical school building, based on the grouping of linear elements within a fence, school Cascina Merlata is characterized by an attitude more urban: it is a body made up of three buildings with courtyards, with the articulation and the complexity of a neighborhood. The compact volume establishes a clear relationship with the public space without transition areas or items enclosed, so that the volume itself to define – without mediation, but with his physical presence – the boundaries of the new urban system. The building, thanks to its extended forms, provides a calm presence, which produces a sense of suspension in time; the use of sober materials transmits the character of the historical city to the new city so that acquires the quality of life in time. The design attempts to represent a scenario that is both neutral and challenging time, where the characteristics of clarity, rationality and order help combat the mess of life. At the same time, it provides an environment in which the daily life of children and young people – with Their designs, expressions and relationships – can be presented without interference.


In the new school complex Cascina Merlata will be realized a kindergarten, an elementary and a middle and a building used as a gym. The type of heating system was differentiated according to the type of the areas. In the classrooms, to ensure optimal temperature and humidity comfort, it has been provided a system with radiant floor panels; each hall is equipped with ambient probe and thermostat for the re-calibration of the local temperature. The refectory and the gyms will be heated by means of all-air plant, to optimize the needs of these environments with a highly intermittent use, low winter thermal loads and need for controlled air exchange. In services blocks, to allow greater flexibility of distribution services blocks, are provided for steel radiators with adjustment means of thermostatic valves.

The toilets of the floors and the premises at the underground floors will be equipped with mechanical ventilation systems. It involves the installation of a substation for heat exchange with fluid from the district heating supply consists of 2 skid for thermal generation respectively for winter heating and domestic hot water production. The normal power project is dimensioned according to the parameters set by the UNI EN 12464-1. In the classrooms, in offices and reading rooms are provided with LED optical low luminance and anti-reflective, with dimmable electronic ballast type DALI combination lamps to an automatic lighting control system; the goal is to ensure a high visual comfort and reduce energy consumption. occupancy sensors at strategic points of stairs and hallway and integrated detectors in the units of the toilets further contribute to energy saving.

The complex in question will be equipped with a system of accumulation and fire-fighting water pressurizing power of the hydrant network of internal protection. For the three central fire detection, fire detection are provided so that each fire compartment is independent in the management of security systems. For integration of the fire detection and in accordance with DM 26/08/1992 system that, for schools with more than 500 people, requires a separate alarm system bells from the plant, it is provided with an evacuation system within each consisting of a central compartment and a loudspeaker system. The project involves the complete installation of a control system, regulation and supervision of thermo plants and the fire detection system and oversight of electronic enclosures. It ‘expected a 100 kW photovoltaic system.