Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR: 2015
  • YEAR OF PRODUCTION: in progress
  • CLIENT: Nute Partecipazioni S.p.A.
    Executive Design Electrical and Mechanical and Fire Prevention
    Works Management Electrical and Mechanical
  • BUDGET: € 3,616,825
  • TOTAL SURFACE: ca. 7.000 m2

The area, home to a former machine shop, was bought in the 80s by La Perla Group, which transformed it into a modern industrial plant. Two buildings, consisting of a one-building offices and an input body, were built in the 90s by architect Pierluigi Cervellati with inspiration to Emilian rural type. A service building, corresponding to less noble part of the complex, assembled the canteen functions, shop and storage for the neighboring buildings. The intervention of 2015, entrusted to stessso Studio Cervellati and Associates, in line with the principles of non-use of land, aims to redevelop existing eifici, limiting itself only to removal of the central building. In place of the building removed, it will be built a new architecture, used as house research and training activities promoted by the foundation. The building thus created will be placed in conjunction with the other parts of the building via a covered walkway, designed to ensure continuity and functional fruition.


The building in question (Building 1 Cue / Bridge), part of the Fashion Research Italy, will be subject to demolition and total reconstruction and will be designed to receive a school complex. Electrical installations. The building consists of two floors and a basement. As part of the intervention is planned the construction of a new outdoor prefab, which must contain the local ENEL, the local measurement and the local user. Lighting design has set the dual objective of ensuring a high visual comfort and reduce energy consumption. In the classrooms, in offices and reading rooms there is an automatic lighting management system: the lamps are LED with low luminance anti-reflective optics. The safety / Emergency lighting is in compliance with DM 26/08/1992 (schools with more than 100 people). Centralized management of the system, as well as perform automatic testing of the system devices and monitoring of each luminaire, support programming in operations in Operation: permanent / non-permanent / permanent with centralized control. The devices used for security lighting will be completely autonomous ordinary lighting. Each building will have its own central fire detection. In reference to DM 26/08/1992 (schools with more than 30 people and with less than 500 people) will be installed a voice evacuation system executed with the bells facility. It is planned to install a photovoltaic system at the service of Building 1, installed on the roof facing south. The total rated power is 14 kWp for a production of 16,100 kWh per year. Mechanical plants. In the school complex climate control takes place by means of a radiant ceiling system, which allows a great freedom in the management of the spaces and a high degree of comfort. The whole area will be equipped with system of adequate primary air mechanical ventilation to ensure the renewal of air and environmental humidity control. For the existing building, heating and cooling are provided by a fan type system with underfloor distribution trace to be completed on the existing slab. The hot water will be produced by a boiler capable of allowing the accumulation of domestic hot water necessary for the peak demand periods. It provides a new type of electric water reversible heat pump generator used to produce ACS and post heating summer UTA. The complex will be equipped with a high power ring network of fire-fighting water terminals external and internal.