Project Description

  • DESIGN YEAR: 2012
  • CLIENT: MIDI srl
    Executive Design Electrical and Special
    Construction supervision
  • BUDGET: 300. € 000
  • TOTAL SURFACE: 652 m2

Made by the Unipol Group on the occasion of 50 years of activity, C.U.BO Center Unipol Bologna is a multipurpose space that represents and synthesizes art form, technology and document the history, identity and the Group’s social values. CUBE does not fit the classic definition of traditional museum; is quite a vital place in the mind that, through interactive and animated paths, allows each visitor to living experiences related to culture, art and innovation. The CUBE structure – two internal wings connected by a garden characterized by a series of light and sound installations interspersed with sessions with wi-fi access – has been designed as an open space of aggregation in which trade relations and living emotional experiences of fronts different but interconnected to the fundamental values of the Unipol Group: from art to education up to the security, from the technology to the insurance culture.


The measure in question involves the construction of the electrical and special systems of Unipol CUBE museum, Piazza del Mello between Lot 22 and Lot 23 and the inner square to Lot 14. Inside the building, for the ‘ordinary lighting of parking spaces museum, fluorescent tubes to hot and cold light were installed with a color mixing system, able to guarantee high visual comfort; for direct lighting of works of art were provided instead of spotlights with spot optics and LED lamps with high color rendering. All devices have been installed on an electrified channel, with the aim of ensuring functional flexibility in relation to the various exhibition and space requirements. To take advantage of natural lighting is provided with an automated system of control and dimming of the lights and the drive of external blinds with a sensor placed on the roof. The distribution of the driving force occurs within the floating floor. The special installations comprise a suction system with sampling points retractable inside the false ceiling and the floating floor to hide the sampling points; It was realized a plant shutdown to archive service and the vault. Finally, to provide the visitor of the museum an interactive approach, multimedia equipment have been provided such as video-wall and multi-touch workbenches. Outside, and outside, the information totems and bright multimedia were installed able to steer people in the spaces of the large office complex and capable of creating suggestive nocturnal atmospheres, to live the square in its everyday and evening at of events.